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Ideas might “move the world,” but to us, ideas move people. From apathy to interest, from interest to love and from viewing to buying, ideas move our clients’ audiences, who move our clients forward.

Great ideas stop people in their tracks. They make people pay attention, make people talk, capture the imagination of the world and then explode through all kinds of media. Great ideas put a dent in culture and can even change the world.

That's what we try to do every day for our clients here at BCW. Our Earned-Plus offering starts with a great idea. Those kinds of ideas not only move people, but they also move fast, spreading like wildfire through social, digital and mainstream media and getting picked up by influencers, celebrities, newscasters and late-night talk show hosts.

When people talk about creativity, they talk about 'the spark'- because a spark is all you need to set the world on fire.”

Fede Garcia

Chief Creative Officer