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BCW Brain Blink: Yang & A Blade of GrassJune 29, 2020

Since the coronavirus outbreak, 80% of people admit to viewing more online content than they did before, particularly in the form of videos. According to a Cisco Systems survey, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be videos, with viewers consuming 100-minutes-worth of them a day. People—stakeholders, consumers, constituents, whatever you call them—look at videos for one main reason: to be entertained. Whether sharing fascinating information, shocking or strange imagery, or a thought-provoking, sad, poignant, funny, thrilling or dramatic story, make your videos worth watching. If you don’t, you end up with nothing more than Yang And a Blade of Grass.


Take a look at some of these top marketing videos of all time. No matter if you’re selling a product, pushing a position or defending a company, make it something people are not only willing (and eager) to watch, but share.

BCW Brain Blinks are written by Jeremy Baka, Chief Creative Catalyst, BCW