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Corporate Communications Leading Into the Next NormalMay 18, 2020

Economies around the world are starting to reopen. Employees are slowly coming back to work, customers back to businesses.

In a BCW-hosted webinar, our corporate experts, Helen Searle, Chris Foster and Ben Boyd, shared their insights on how communication needs to adapt.

Helen Searle, Chief Client Officer, BCW UK, thinks external reputations are formed on the inside. Here are some practical tips:

  1. Ask the right questions: The transition to the next normal won’t be linear. Companies need to ask & answer critical questions, e.g.: When is the right time to reopen? How to reopen safely?
  2. Lead with clarity: Employees have serious concerns about returning to work, only a narrow majority of Europeans trust their companies to make the right decisions. If employers feel like they are doing the right thing, they need to communicate it better.
  3. Get the cadence right: Employees need reassurance. BCW research shows that about once per week is the right frequency for leadership communications about the pandemic.
  4. Show you care: External and internal reputations could be made or broken by business behavior. The public wants to hear from companies that are taking steps to protect their employees.