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Notes from 2019 Cannes Lions: Two PreviewsJune 20, 2019

BCW's Global President Jim Joseph Reports from the 2019 Cannes Lions

The entire purpose of The Cannes Lions is to celebrate the breakthrough work of the last year. Hands down the best part of Cannes. But there’s a hidden gem that most don’t realize: we also get to preview work that’s about to hit. And that’s pretty cool.

I previewed two campaigns this week that are going to get a lot of attention and really change people’s lives and I’m so inspired by them both.

The first is from P&G and it’s a sequel (if you will) from “The Talk” campaign from last year that examined racism. In the new film “The Look,” P&G shows us what it feels like to be a black man experiencing the looks he gets as he goes about his daily life. The stares. The distrust. The looks. It’s a moving film that will get people talking and change people’s lives. Bravo, P&G once again. It’s out next week.

The other campaign that is really moving is from MasterCard where the brand will now allow people to choose the name they want to have on their credit card. Choose a name that more reflects their identity rather than simply match a government document. Smart. Conscious. Inclusive. Bravo to MasterCard as well.

Two previews. Two campaigns. Two brands looking to make the world better. Gosh, I love the Cannes Lions!