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B-Health: The next frontier in health innovationSeptember 6, 2022

B-Health: A new era of behavioural healthcare
B-Health: A new era of behavioural healthcare

Although progress in medical science and digital technology promises to revolutionise healthcare, the key to delivering it will be behavioural. No matter how advanced the treatments and technologies, their effectiveness will depend on human decisions and actions.

From early detection and prevention to diagnosis, prescribing, adoption and adherence – the behavioural sciences represent the next frontier in healthcare innovation. At BCW WHY, we work with clients to realise this potential through B-Health: the targeted application of behavioural science to optimise patient journeys.

The key to unlocking this opportunity starts by identifying the behavioural changes that offer the biggest potential for impacts: improved outcomes for patients, reduced costs, greater efficiency.

For example:

  • Poor treatment adherence that contributes to 200,000 premature deaths and 125 billion euro in excess healthcare services per year in Europe alone.
  • Missed medical appointments that cost healthcare services in the UK £216 million per year.
  • Improvements in physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and diet could account for an 80 per cent reduction in the risk of serious chronic disease.
  • The potential cost saving from earlier cancer diagnosis is estimated to be $26bn in the US alone.

A well-defined behavioural challenge allows teams to precisely identify the barriers in play and design communications to overcome them, rooted in insights and evidence from the behavioural sciences.

A new era of Behavioural Health

Through a combination of Empathy and Evidence, we unearth the key factors – cognitive, emotional, social, structural - driving your specific challenge.

Through a process of human-centred design, we translate these insights into targeted behaviour change interventions through communications, campaigns, activations and experiences.

What barriers are blocking progress for you and your organization?

Contact [email protected] for an introductory chat about what the application of behavioural science could achieve.