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It’s never been a better time to be a brand. Brands have never added more value than right now, often filling gaps where governments and other institutions are not delivering enough support.

People want to know what brands stand for, beyond just functional products and services. And people have never been more involved in active dialogue, expecting real-time action from brands and often reshaping brand activity.

It’s an exciting time from that perspective, and the Brands, Sports & Entertainment practice is right in the middle of the dynamic landscape. Our work has been both game-changing and industry-leading. It’s always moving people and driving results.

Because we are driven by precision and performance, our approach unites data, people and creativity with the scale and agility needed to win in today’s continually changing world.

That’s because we know people, their values, what influences them and what motivates them to engage with brands. We use human insights and actionable data intelligence to understand these behaviours and shifting mindsets. We identify the most effective touchpoints and deliver the best creative to shape compelling brand experiences for, and interactions with, the people our clients want to reach. We understand the complexity and diversity of audiences, and our multicultural team helps brands navigate cultural risk by speaking to people in an authentic way.

New technologies and platforms emerge every day, adding to an already frenetic and fragmented media landscape, making it challenging for brands to reach audiences effectively. Our team of problem solvers, data analysts and creative storytellers help brands find their place in the world and create meaningful connections with people to drive exceptional business outcomes.

Through our work with a broad roster of brands across a range of categories, our Brands, Sports & Entertainment practice has the expertise to move people via:

  • Data-driven Creative Brand Solutions: We are drivers of performance, using data intelligence to deliver smarter deployment strategies for brands with more effective and impactful creative.
  • Optimized Storytelling: We build the infrastructure to help brands and organizations craft and deliver stories with more precision and impact. By combining technical, analytical and media capabilities, we unlock the full potential of data to deliver brand stories that stick.
  • Brand Purpose & Social Impact: We work with brands to shape, guide and refine their purpose positioning and purpose-led programming.
  • Influential Media: Anchored by BCW’s proprietary Trufluence methodology, our approach leverages direct response media to deliver ROI influencer marketing deployments
  • Content Marketing: We combine analytics and creative-fuelled primary research to develop and deploy content that earns a response.
  • Brand Experience: Whether digital, physical or a combination of both, we use data to identify the best way to engage people whether partnerships, sponsorships or specially designed events.
  • Entertainment & Sports Marketing: We have the deep expertise to secure brand success within the entertainment and sports marketing space.

The practice conceptualizes and manages creative ideas-driven campaigns across a wide spectrum of sectors for some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the business today. These include:

  • fashion and lifestyle
  • fast-moving consumer goods
  • retail
  • automobiles
  • travel and hospitality
  • sports – leagues, events, associations
  • broadcast media
  • art and culture
  • movies marketing
  • individual entertainers.

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