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It’s never been harder to be a CEO. Even before COVID-19, more and more was being expected of CEOs due to the rise of stakeholder capitalism. Since the pandemic, a corporation’s responsibility to its stakeholders has only magnified.

Addressing shareholder demand is now a CEO’s day job. Investors are just one of five core stakeholder groups that can dictate a corporation’s license to operate and grow. These stakeholders include shareholders as well as customers, employees, suppliers and the communities where a corporation operates.

If you are a chief communications officer – or a member of the communications team – stakeholder engagement is what you already do every day. You’re on the front lines, navigating their expectations in real time, along with the reputational opportunities and challenges they create.

Our Corporate practices—which include Corporate & Financial and Corporate & Services—work to help chief communicators be the best stakeholder advisers possible for their CEOs. We do it by diving headfirst into your day-to-day challenges, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as one team to address the issues that arise every hour of every day. We’re also committed to providing you with the bandwidth, insight and ideas you need to move your stakeholders – from skeptics to believers, and from believers to loyal advocates.

Our clients work with us – in many instances for several years – because we:

  • Deliver data-driven insights about the stakeholders that matter most to your business. These insights inform stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies, as well as large-scale integrated corporate reputation campaigns.
  • Execute data-driven media relations strategies, so you know the true ROI of each headline we generate.
  • Employ business transformation specialists who help you navigate and communicate seismic shifts in your company’s business strategy. These specialists work in partnership with our employee engagement experts who know how to elicit employer loyalty while communicating crucial business imperatives.
  • Offer a SWAT team of financial communications consultants ready to help a company with any challenge or opportunity they face – from IPOs and mergers, to navigating a company’s entry and re-emergence from a bankruptcy, to building long-term campaigns that retain investor loyalty through any economic cycle.
  • Provide data-driven scenario planning for the periods of uncertainty. Our Issues & Crisis Group will provide your business with the strategic options to withstand most possible events that might occur over brief or prolonged periods of change and uncertainty.
  • Utilize our deep data & insights offering to enhance your business’s unique POV, identifying authentic thought leadership and executive visibility opportunities to ensure your business is at the forefront of industry conversations.
  • Ensure your most critical stakeholder – your employees – are informed, aligned and prepared via comprehensive employee engagement strategies, setting up your teams – and your business – for success.
  • Drive Purpose-led Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for creating long-term value proposition through engagement with all stakeholders - employees, customers, communities, government, and civil society.

We help develop and sustain a relationship of trust with your stakeholders through our understanding of the national and international economic and political landscape, an integrated approach to communication and comfort with new as well as traditional mediums of storytelling.

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