Helping organizations lead with purpose

People today are more aware and conscious than ever. They need to know what their favourite brands and organizations stand for. To be successful, respected and loved, it is increasingly important for an organization to have a purpose. But what is purpose? It is that one ultimate objective that unifies all stakeholders. Purpose elevates an organization from being a profit-oriented entity to something that positively impacts the community economically, socially, and environmentally. It is the organization’s reason for being, beyond profit.

Purpose, the New Normal

Companies need to reflect changing societal mindsets and circumstances, especially given the tectonic shifts of the last few years. Purpose is not the same as corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is largely focused on supporting the community that a company functions in. Corporate social purpose (CSP) goes beyond that to cover all stakeholders of a company, including, but not limited to the community.

Introducing CSP+

BCW India Group has combined its integrated communications strengths with WhiteKettle Consulting’s expertise in sustainability and purpose to launch CSP+, a service to help Indian and global brands align their business goals and strategies and mobilize their stakeholders to their purpose. Building purpose is the foundation for creating long-term values and profitability through engagement with all stakeholders (employees, customers, communities, government and civil society).

CSP+ helps brands with

  • integrating the brand’s purpose into the system of the organization
  • delivering on brand’s purpose, including its management and impact measurement
  • engaging with stakeholders to build a stronger equity with them based on the purpose.

CSP+ leverages research, data analytics, creativity, and innovation to create ideas and campaigns for our clients lead with purpose most effectively, with impact.

Services under CSP+

Brand/corporate purpose & materiality assessments

Purpose impact analysis and priorities workshop

  • Stakeholder and community need assessment – Scoping & Opportunity Mapping
  • Purpose intent, vision and mission statement

Community Relations

  • Purpose framework & strategy for multistakeholder audiences
  • Theory of change (behavioral change)
  • Signature platform and impact framework
  • Assessment, recommendation and identification of implementation partners
  • Scaling Strategy​

Stakeholder communications and campaign development

  • Message house & employee communication
  • Multistakeholder outreach and amplification strategy and plan (including government, forums, media and KOLs)
  • Content development (case studies, stories of change, videos, podcasts etc.)
  • Thought leadership and media relations

Monitoring & Reporting

  • M&E reports (quarterly/monthly)
  • ESG reporting and disclosure development
  • Ongoing issue tracking and counsel

To learn more, please contact [email protected].