The healthcare industry in India, comprising of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare delivery, nutrition, consumer health and wellness, has been rapidly evolving in the last several years. It has been witnessing an increasing interest and spend as well as evolving regulatory environment.

Under the banner of GCI Health India, our healthcare team helps clients leverage opportunities to engage with decision-makers, healthcare professionals and patients, in this increasingly complex healthcare economy.

We have worked with the Government of India on various national public health awareness and advocacy campaigns. We have also worked with foundations, UN organisations and leading advocacy organisations.

Our clients tackle national as well as global healthcare challenges from the most severe to the most common. We help brands and companies connect powerfully with their audiences’ heads and hearts.

Our clients choose us – and stay with us – because:

  • We push ourselves. We never forget that, while we’re showing patients that there’s a better way to manage their symptoms or inspiring professionals about innovations still in the pipeline, we’re also fighting stigmas, expanding access and improving education.
  • We mix rigour with creativity. We make sure we stay ahead of the evolving healthcare environment, understand changing patient behaviour and needs, and stay on top of communication trends. We use all this to build creative campaigns based on insight.
  • We think beyond silos. From patient advocacy to market access, our arts, sciences, medics and media experts all work together to deliver integrated health solutions that move people toward better healthcare.
  • We use data analytics to protect and nurture reputation: We are drivers of performance, using data intelligence to deliver smarter deployment strategies. Through BCW Decipher, powered by Limbik, healthcare brands can access a cognitive AI platform with world-class corporate reputation and crisis counsel, a first of its kind solution in the arena of reputation management, and the Decipher Index, a weekly AI-powered virality ranking of global themes.

Our goal is to move the health of India and the world forward, one great idea at a time.

To learn more, please contact [email protected].