When you ask people about their motivation for working in the healthcare industry, you will get essentially the same answer: to improve and save people’s lives.

We’d add that our motivation is driven by the intrinsic challenge of combining art with science, data with insights and influence with impact.

Ultimately, we move minds and change behaviour to improve people’s lives.

The healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly evolving ones in India. It is witnessing an increasing consumer interest and spend and evolving regulatory environment. It is also a sector where influencers play a crucial role and trust is a concern. We must educate and engage with relevant stakeholders to make informed decisions on products and services in this increasingly complex healthcare economy.

Under the banner of GCI Health India, our healthcare team helps clients leverage opportunities to engage with decision-makers and customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare service provider, policy, nutrition, cosmetic, wellness and consumer health sectors. We have worked with the Government of India on various national public health awareness and advocacy campaigns. We have also worked with foundations, UN organisations and leading advocacy organisations.

Our clients tackle national as well as global healthcare challenges from the most severe to the most common. We help brands and companies connect powerfully with their audiences’ heads and hearts. By being ready to communicate in unconventional ways, we challenge conventional thinking, which triggers lasting change for good.

Our clients choose us – and stay with us – because:

We push ourselves. To change the way that people think and act, we find new ways to hit the highest standards, every time. We never forget that, whether we are showing patients there’s a better way to manage their symptoms or inspiring professionals about innovations still in the pipeline.

We mix rigour with creativity. We make sure we understand a brief from top-to-bottom and apply our deep knowledge of the evolving healthcare environment. If we recommend technological fireworks, it’s because we’ve dug into the data, found our route through the regulations and studied the audience closely enough to know what will really move them.

We think beyond silos. Great ideas are not insular, and neither are our teams. Our clients get the best mix of disciplines and backgrounds to bring them success. From patient advocacy to market access, our arts, sciences, medics and media experts all rub shoulders to deliver integrated health solutions that move people toward better health care.

Some areas where Pharma, Health & Wellness supports is clients are:

  • Preserving and protecting brand integrity
  • Staking claim in a crowded marketplace
  • Communicating milestones – regulatory, product, and others.
  • Creating relationships for clients with likeminded KOLs and advocacy groups
  • Managing communication of brands at different stages in their lifecycle
  • Designing and executing direct-to-consumer health campaigns that change attitudes and behaviour
  • Helping to build patient support groups through our infrastructure that ranges from scientific evidence-based collateral to call centre support, helplines, social media communities and strategic partnerships.

Our goal is to move the health of India and the world forward, one great idea at a time.

To learn more, please contact [email protected].