In order to move people, we must truly understand them. We obsess over data, analytics, primary and secondary research to extract meaningful, actionable insights that can inspire communications strategies – and optimize their impact over time.

Data, Analytics & Precision Communications

All the best data in the world means nothing if you are not able to activate it. At BCW, we’ve brought together a team of people who are built for the speed of the Internet and understand how modern-day media operates. We build the infrastructure to help brands and organizations craft and deliver stories with more precision and impact. By combining technical, analytical and media capabilities, we unlock the full potential of data to power:

  • Strategic planning
  • Channel planning
  • Content and campaign optimization
  • Performance marketing
  • And more

Primary Audience Research

While data shows WHAT is happening in real-time, we often need primary and secondary research to understand WHY. That’s when we turn to our research arm, PSB. With roots in innovative political campaign strategy, PSB is our full-service research and insights team that helps blue-chip organizations across all sectors understand their key audiences through quantitative and qualitative research, enabled through tried-and-true and innovative methodologies. Some of the most common use cases are:

  • Audience segmentation studies
  • Concept and message testing
  • Real-time opinion polling
  • Brand health and reputation tracking

Measurement, Evaluation & Optimization

We don’t simply measure at the end of a program; we measure throughout the program to optimize it along the way. We constantly seek opportunities to refine, to pivot or to double-down. And, ultimately, we aim to link program outputs to business outcomes – demonstrating effectiveness and ROI.