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In this digital age, there is no hiding place. There is an increase in activism among people and governments. Consumers have become discerning and more demanding. In media, negative news is selling more copies and airtime, and there is a demand for instant answers. Crisis management is no longer a moment in time, managing risk is no longer something that comes solely when there’s a crisis and building a positive reputation is no longer a part-time job.

Stakeholder expectations are higher and higher, often with expectations that seem unattainable. The escalation from issue to crisis can be immediate – and the path to recovery following a crisis is more complex than ever. Organisations need to develop an adaptable process that prepares them for any emerging and unforeseen scenario.

Managing risk, dealing with a crisis and building reputation – though a journey with ebbs and flows – is driven by a purposeful strategy with a continual focus on the firm’s stated vision. Communicating proactively with speed, confidence, and transparency in times of crisis minimises damage to corporate reputation.

As a Crisis Management Firm in India, our Issues & Crisis Group helps clients identify, mitigate and manage reputation risks to their organizations. Our seasoned communications experts are equipped with the experience and understanding to help our clients prepare for unforeseen issues and crisis situations. When crises are unavoidable, we help clients successfully manage them – anytime, anywhere – and begin the transition from crisis response to reputation recovery, moving minds to restore trust and confidence in the organization.

We champion a holistic approach to reputation risk management grounded in:

Resistance. Resistant organizations are constantly identifying potential reputation risks, developing mitigation strategies and preparing plans to respond to incidents when they occur. We partner with clients to develop resistance programs to manage ever-present and changing threats to reputation.

Response. We’re at our clients’ sides to respond to a crisis – whenever, wherever – providing strategic counsel and issues management support 24/7/365. Our global crisis counselors have been on the front lines and in the trenches – we know what it takes to help a company navigate through a crisis.

Recovery. Companies are likely to stay under the microscope for months, if not years, following a crisis and communications, and larger business decisions must be made through this lens. In the aftermath of a response, we work with client organizations to rebuild reputation until the crisis no longer drives perceptions, moving the minds of stakeholders to once again trust in the company.

Some of the domains services we provide include:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Risk Management Audits
  • Message Development
  • Crisis Procedure Manuals
  • Crisis Preparedness and Planning
  • Crisis Response and Recovery
  • Crisis Simulations & Training

We believe that a company’s response to a complex issue or crisis is a test of character – and to have license to say the right thing, a company must do the right thing. We also understand that success comes from establishing a persuasive context.

With these principles in mind, our focus is to move people through authentic and transparent communications to build trust and protect our clients’ reputations.

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