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Policy formulation and revision in India is a slow and consultative process. Division of powers and political dynamics between the central and the state governments add an additional layer of complexity. We also have a large and strong bureaucracy with multiple hierarchies. In recent times, an increase in incidents of regulatory overreach, judicial activism and conflicting position with the government have been observed. Social media has also empowered consumer and citizen. All this has created a world of uncertainty for brands and corporations.

Increasing collaboration between the industry and the government has made public affairs a critical function and has also increased the number of public affairs consulting firms. Our role is to clear the clouds of confusion. We pinpoint risks, address challenges, identify opportunities and help our clients understand and navigate the regulatory ecosystem. We offer public affairs services to corporations which include engaging with the government and key opinion leaders in the area of policy advocacy, regulatory landscape, and stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Our team comprises of senior policy advisors who have worked with the central and state governments for many years and extensive knowledge of policy formulation process. We also have lawyers, communication specialists, journalists, and development experts who have the ability to share insights and not just information. The team is ably supported by writers and research specialists with a keen interest in policy issues. From a circular economy to cybersecurity, from healthcare to chemicals and from agriculture to social justice, we cover every aspect of public policy at national levels.

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