The dizzying pace of change in the technology world is both a blessing and a challenge. On the one hand, it helps us solve problems almost at the speed of thought and gives us a real-time connect with our stakeholders, and on the other, it can be quite daunting to keep up with.

Our Consumer Technology and Enterprise Technology practices serve technology brands across emerging and mature technology categories, with data and creativity central to our counsel. Our roster includes clients spanning startups to legacy companies, across every vertical market.

Consumer Technology

This is where the heart of technology lies—where humans, with all their emotions, aspirations, daily struggles and experiences, meet technology. Our Consumer Technology practice brings together deep subject matter expertise and communications tools to guide our clients navigate the new. We help them bridge the gap between technological innovation and human aspirations through creative storytelling.

Our team helps its clients demystify technology to communicate consumer benefit and experience. The practice has been a forerunner in India, delivering insight-driven, high-impact programmes that resonate with consumers, trade and mainstream media as well as key influencers. We provide counsel to consumer technology companies, e-commerce firms as well as industry associations on how to stand apart in an increasingly crowded and complex industry.

Some of the domains we have experience in include:

  • mobile devices
  • e-commerce
  • mobile applications (apps)
  • mobile and computer peripherals
  • wearable technology
  • home appliances
  • financial technology
  • audio-visual technology.
  • Enterprise Technology

Technology has transformed the way we do business today, and organisations realise the impact that technology makes to their bottom-line. Enterprises need to reinvent to remain relevant. The ability to navigate through change, optimise technology for efficiency and transform products and services based on market demands is essential for any organisation to achieve success. Our team of specialists with domain expertise across industries help deliver campaigns for B2B companies targeting a range of their stakeholders, using both traditional and new media platforms.

Gone are the days of B2B communication being just about white papers and case studies. The influencer universe connecting enterprise technology providers with businesses has also seen a sea change over the past few years. Today, enterprise customers need to be engaged with rich content, ideas and insights-driven campaigns—and all this with a clear line of sight towards business impact. Our Enterprise Technology practice continues to successfully plan, manage and execute integrated and innovation-led communication campaigns, to aid business outcomes and to strengthen brand positioning.

Some of the verticals the practice serves are:

  • IT services
  • IT engineering
  • IT product companies
  • enterprise hardware & software
  • e-commerce
  • telecom

Over the past 20 years, we have seen an explosion in the digital economy. The way companies make money, and the way we consume services and receive value, are now inherently linked to technology. This means every single company in the world is in the process of digitizing its business in some fashion in order to compete and win.

For this reason, our BCW created BCW DX, which changed the way we look at digital PR firms in India. BCW DX brought together vertical market and subject matter experts with a suite of communications tools to help clients navigate business disruption and drive growth throughout their digital transformation lifecycles.

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