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The market is always shifting gears. If you are not evolving and reinventing, then you will be left behind. Consumers today are moving beyond plain, vanilla content and are expecting creative and engaging communication from brands.

The Hub is our centre of expertise for delivering our promise of integrated communications solutions. Comprising creative, content, digital and analytics arms—Canvas, Digital, and Live! Newsroom—The Hub combines analytics and human intelligence to come up with insights, and then uses them to spark the creative idea, which is turned into engaging content by the specialist talent in editorial, design, film and animation formats for our clients.

Our integrated approach helps us provide the best counsel to build, nurture and protect our client’s reputation. At BCW India Group, we take an integrated approach that delivers a full spectrum of strategic solutions – from data and analytics to digital innovation, social media, mobile engagement, compelling, creative content and more.


We live in a digital-first world, and the reality is that our connected lives require brands to meet us where we are living. We use data, human insights and technology innovation to activate the digital and social ecosystem for brands, fueling connections and enabling audience engagement to drive measurable impact.

We develop communications strategies around social media/community, online reputation management, thought leadership, interactive experiences, influencer engagement, crisis management, and other digital marketing initiatives on behalf of corporations, consumer brands, foundations, and other organisations.

BCW’s proprietary influencer marketing and KOL approach, Trufluence, focuses on delivering shared value for brands, audiences and influencers. Bots, fake followers and brand safety issues create risks. Whether for reputation and advocacy or brand marketing and sales, our expertise, technology and data-driven approach produce optimal results.


We have expertise in spotting actionable trends and curating new and innovative distribution channels that go beyond the press release, with creative and compelling content. Combining human and data intelligence, the Newsroom technology and automation to help our teams and our clients with insights to deliver idea-driven campaigns with sharper outcomes and real-time feedback—on a regular PR day or during a crisis.

At the Live! Newsroom, we are fully prepared to take on any crisis that hits any client. With the various tools and teams in place, we are covered for media monitoring, and more importantly, analysing the volumes of news generated during a crisis – print, television, online, as well as social.


Imagine the world of business without innovative ideas or great content to drive those ideas. Content continues to be a significant differentiator and driving force for businesses across the globe. And we understand this core need of the market. With our team of designers, animators, copywriters, content specialists, editors, and video producers, we conceptualise and deliver multimedia, integrated projects.

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