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The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau.

The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau (TOSB) works at the crossroads of people and ideas. It has a network of over 200 inspirational minds, from across the globe, who bring in new ideas and invite challenging perspectives. To start conversations that Spark A New Think! Our network consists of a wide range of motivational speakers, industry leaders, storytellers, brand gurus, celebrities, bureaucrats, activists, entrepreneurs and more, who deliver experiential knowledge for our clients. From AI to storytelling, from boardroom philosophies to the gig economy, their knowledge and insights help TOSB’s clients evaluate and gain new perspectives on the most challenging aspects of their businesses so that they can make informed decisions.

We work closely with each of our clients to understand their organisational life cycle, identify their current needs and match these with the relevant external viewpoints and insights. Our customised interventions cut across platforms – including keynote sessions, workshops, webinars, board meetings, influencer engagements, CEO mentoring and start-up counselling – and are designed to bring alive even the most complex ideas with expert content.

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