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Moving People

More than an ambition, “Moving People” is our mission. It defines who we are and how we take on our clients’ business challenges. Our investment in building BCW Creative and integrating it into BCW’s core businesses delivers on that mission by pairing the thinking behind paid advertising’s engagement with the best practices of modern platforms to build campaigns fit for today’s media landscape.

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Diego Headshot

“It’s our job to create ideas that will move people to think and act differently. Through BCW’s Earned-Plus offer, we can reach audiences how, when and where they will be most receptive to new ideas. It’s an exceptional formula for delivering breakthrough creative that will motivate audiences and make an impact on our clients’ business.“

Diego Bertagni, EVP Executive Creative Director, North America

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Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite BCW campaigns and contact our team to learn about the creative concepts we're bringing to life each and every day.

Irish Spring

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Irish Spring

Stay clean with the first-ever gaming shower.

One-in-five gamers admit to skipping a shower in order to keep playing. So, Irish Spring invited them to level up their skills and their hygiene in the world’s first ever gaming shower. The nice-smelling stunt, led by Twitch influencer FaZe Santana, brought the heritage brand a fresh new zillenial audience ready to embrace Twitch streams and shower streams.

Change the Ref

CTR Laying Flat
CTR Stacked Books

A children's book aimed at childish politicians.

Firearms are the #1 cause of death for children in America, but politicians simply refuse to act. That’s why Change the Ref created “Joaquin’s First School Shooting,” a children’s book that depicts the final moments of a real mass shooting victim. The story has no happy ending, and bullet holes tear through the entire book, but it serves as a warning that more stories like this will be told unless U.S. lawmakers finally ban assault weapons once and for all.

New York Festivals

NYF Creative 2
NYF Creative 1

Show us something we haven't seen.

The ask was to position the New York Festivals among the top award shows in the world. To accomplish this, we wanted to embrace New York’s attitude, and the unique people that live in the city. The people that make New York, New York. Their hustle. Their grit. Their no-bullshit attitude. They’re what makes it the greatest city on earth, and they are the hardest judges in the world because they’ve seen it all.  If you can win in New York, you can win anywhere. ​


Suavitel Image169
Suavitel Image359

Stay Merry Not Hairy, with the Suavitel Cuddle Crewneck.

60% of millennial pet parents say they’d rather snuggle their pet than their partner. But pet hair is a barrier that’s keeping them apart. Introducing The Suavitel® Cuddle Crewneck, the cozy fashion statement designed to help pet parents and fur babies get closer than ever. Pretreated with Suavitel Shed Shields, The Cuddle Crewneck repels pet hair so people can spend more time loving on their pets and less time fighting fur mess.

Suavitel Image299



Leaving the lies—and plaque—behind.

80% of people have admitted to lying to their dentist out of fear of judgment. But instead of being judgmental, Colgate gave people a space to admit their most outrageous dental lies freely and anonymously in the Totally Honest booth experience. Hundreds of Americans lined up to come clean as we celebrated the release of Colgate’s newest product: Total Plaque Pro Release.



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Spur a national conversation about what can be done to reduce gun violence.

BCW North America partnered with Brady, a bipartisan organization supporting gun safety solutions, to identify an opportunity to reach people across the political spectrum who care about community safety. Mass shootings and gun violence are an unacceptably common tragedy in the United States and we believe it’s critically important to have a national conversation about what can be done to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer for all.

Barefoot Wine

Barefoot Glamshot 04
Barefoot Glamshot 02

You are who you say you are.

For over three decades, Barefoot Wine has championed for and celebrated the LGBTQ+ community to shine and share their true selves. With transgender and LGBTQ+ rights at stake now more than ever. For Transgender Visibility Day, Barefoot was compelled to share a more visible message of solidarity for the trans community’s freedom against forces telling them they can’t be who they are.

Barefoot Glamshot 01



Our bodies are not indecent.

Menstrual blood is banned from TV under the FCC's "Obscenity, Indecency and Profanity" clause. The female body is not obscene - that's why we challenged the ban. We placed portraits of menstruators in blood-stained underwear on a 12-foot-tall truck and drove it around the FCC building in Washington D.C., representing the uncensored truth of female bodies and their experiences.


Three Olives Vodka


Make rosé vodka ​this summer’s water.

Roosevelt Island gets a pink makeover! Three Olives Rosé Vodka brought the worldwide obsession with rosé to the next level. In just under 72 hours, the team rebranded the iconic New York location, making it the ultimate mecca for Rose drinkers and summer’s hottest destination.


Cholula 01
Cholula 02 1

Join the Order of Cholula.

For countless people, Cholula is far more than “just another hot sauce.” It’s an ongoing inspiration and constant companion to their personal passions. One might say their devotion is cult-like.



Build a future ​to smile about.

For the millions living with autism, an act seemingly act seemingly as “simple” as brushing your teeth can be a challenge. To support this community BCW partnered with Tech entrepreneur Nadia Hamilton and her company MagnusMode to develop and promote a new skill app, that supported people with cognitive special needs in their day-to-day dental hygiene activities.


Bayer Picture

Test Your Cancer: See the Real Picture.

We are used to hearing about cancer diagnosis and treatment in relation to the location of the tumor, such as breast, lung or prostate cancer. Thanks to recent advances, we now have new ways to approach treatment in a more individualized form of care. Bayer sought to establish genomic cancer testing as a critical step in a cancer diagnosis, so patients and health care providers can make more informed treatment decisions and drive them to act. Genomic cancer testing gives doctors and patients a better “picture” of the cancer, and a better chance of eradicating it.

Polycultural Approach

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