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Forces Shaping the C-Suite Agenda in 2024 & Opportunities for Corporate Reputation Leadership

Over the past several years, companies and organizations have faced a remarkably challenging global operational and reputational landscape. As we look ahead though, it's abundantly clear that 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most complex reputational environments ever known.

As companies prepare to face a myriad of challenges in the year to come – such as anticipated polarization stemming from key global elections and military conflicts, growing support for organized labor across industries, mounting calls and controversy around climate change and an increasingly fraught environment for companies to navigate when engaging on multifaceted social and political issues, corporate leadership has never been more crucial than in this era of continuous transformation. The anticipated volatility of 2024 presents risks, but also tremendous opportunity for companies to find pathways to lead and advance their reputations.

Join BCW’s Global CEO Corey duBrowa and North American Corporate Affairs Practice Lead & EVP Dan Doherty for an engaging and insightful virtual webinar, where we will delve into:

  • The forces driving the C-Suite agenda in 2024 and beyond - including the associated risks and opportunities stemming from a polarized geopolitical climate, growing labor complexities, escalating employee-employer tensions and shifts in employee experiences, developing innovation and disruption from new technologies, accelerated innovation and disruption from new technologies, the influence and power of the individual voice, reimagined partnerships and increased pressures on climate action.
  • The preparedness needed to mitigate risks and swiftly capitalize on opportunities to demonstrate leadership next year and prepare themselves for an entirely new magnitude of crisis readiness.
  • How companies can boldly uphold their values and reject the ‘all or nothing’ mindset when engaging – or not – on multifaceted issues, while evaluating the impacts on stakeholder coalitions simultaneously.
  • The considerations and investments companies and their leadership will need to evaluate and deploy now to ensure they are positioned to not only enhance their reputation but lead.


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