BCW is a different kind of communications agency. Around the globe, the work we do doesn’t just deliver results — it inspires change, defines culture and builds careers.


To feel. To act. To change. Blending data-driven research with real emotion and creativity, we forge powerful connections that touch lives across our continent.

With the longest-standing and most robust in-country PR African network, we deliver more than just reach in 54 countries. We provide breadth and depth of insights. How to talk. How to connect. How to uplift.


And as communicators, we are passionate about the continent of our birth. It’s where we live. Where we work. Where we invest our energy to ensure a good future for our clients.


We have a 30+ year African network heritage that saw us start our agency life.

Working with our partners in 54 countries across our continent, we build market-specific ideas that inspire action and connection and are grounded in local insights, knowledge and connectivity.

Our hub-and-spoke model merges the benefits of seamless strategy direction, client liaison, account management and effective implementation and coordination across multiple markets simultaneously, while allowing for liaison in-country with clients and local implementation teams.

We are analytical. Obsessing over every detail, but then adding emotion to make meaningful connections with people.

Our integrated strategies build and protect reputation.


We are obsessed with growing the skills of communicators across all levels of our team and our client teams. This equips leaders and their teams with the tools and vision to achieve personal and organizational success.

With the establishment of our BCW Africa Academy nearly 30 years ago, we have moved hundreds of people through our Starting Blocks internship programme and ASSET employee training programme in South Africa, and through the training and skills development programmes we have tailored for clients and the industry across Africa.

In 2020, we repurposed Starting Blocks to go digital, giving many more up-and-coming communications professionals from across the continent an authentic agency experience.

Our range of bespoke organizational skills development workshops also focuses on reputation management, corporate brand development, purpose, gender equality and corporate vision, mission and values.

Then there are our crisis preparedness workshops that strengthen clients’ crisis management efficiencies through formulating crisis frameworks and methodologies, training crisis management teams and testing the robustness of crisis management processes.