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Introducing BCW Life

The mission: Moving people to help them make smarter, healthier decisions every day.

BCW is a global leader in integrated healthcare and consumer brand communications. BCW Life is its dedicated offering, within our Healthcare Practice, that helps clients negotiate the space where these two areas of expertise intersect.

Through our deep understanding of what drives healthcare decision-making, we advise clients on how they can have the strongest impact on their audiences.

We move people in consumer health.

People are more health-savvy and better informed than ever. As a result, they have heightened expectations of today’s healthcare brands.

We produce work that moves people to make the best health decisions for them and their families.

“The consumer health industry is undergoing exponential change. Everything is being re-examined as new thinking and technologies emerge. For companies that are agile and able to adapt, the range of opportunity is huge,” comments Head of BCW Life Matt Coy.

We focus on work that is:


Brands that support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices for better long-term health.

Life saving

Interventions that BCW Life can promote through public education campaigns.

Life enhancing

Essential products, services and devices that deliver a direct and demonstrable impact on everyday health and quality of life.

Life changing

Breakout innovations in medicines and technology that transform lives.