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The mission: to help businesses develop compelling sustainability communications strategies through an evidence-based approach

While sustainability has soared up the boardroom agenda, regulatory factors and stakeholder expectations have made the issue increasingly complex.

Material Difference, BCW’s sustainability communications offering, helps companies strip back the complexity, identifying which topics can power their sustainability narratives while accelerating progress towards their goals.

Through powerful storytelling and initiatives anchored in behavioural change, we amplify the sustainability issues at the heart of corporate agendas. We build credibility and momentum for authentic action.

Clients are desperately trying to keep pace with evolving sustainability needs, yet struggle to focus communications on the issues that will accelerate progress. Our evidence-based approach helps clients to distil their sustainability issues and focus communications on the areas that matter most to truly affect change.”

Carolyn Irwin

Head of Material Difference

Our end-to-end sustainability communications consultancy is designed to meet businesses at any stage of their journey. Our proposition has three elements:

1. Stacking Up

We establish the competitiveness and credibility of our clients’ sustainability pledges and communications using our sophisticated benchmarking and peer comparison tools. We assess the strength of our clients’ commitments and how these are perceived in the media and on social media channels. This helps us understand how their sustainability communications resonate with external audiences and where there is opportunity to leverage their progress.

2. Standing Out

Using our proprietary, scalable methodology, we help clients re-evaluate the focus areas of their sustainability communications. We apply primary and secondary research to assess material factors, employee perceptions, audience expectations and risk exposure. This enables us to identify the issues that really matter to companies’ sustainability goals and use these as a foundation to reset communications strategies.

3. Telling Stories

We create powerful sustainability narratives and purpose-driven platforms to make communications relevant and accessible. We double-down on key sustainability issues through techniques ranging from establishing industry coalitions and engaging policymakers, through to cause-related campaigns, seeding behaviour change via influence and reporting.

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