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Introducing BCW Advocate

The Mission: To create meaningful talent partnerships that drive true advocacy.

BCW Advocate is BCW’s specialist celebrity and influencer talent offer which provides a holistic, channel-agnostic approach to establishing credible brand advocates.

The new offer combines leading expertise from the world of film and TV talent, BCW’s Trufluence methodology plus the agency’s research and insights into how values move people.

BCW Advocate is run by Head of Talent Partnerships Jasmine Barnes and award-winning Talent Procurement Lead Mark Wagman. Wagman has over 20 years of industry experience leading talent relations for high-profile broadcast and corporate projects.

All too often a client has worked with talent for an ad campaign without realising the full potential of this opportunity. And yet, if you get talent partnerships right, they can be the key to achieving high engagement and conversion, not just reach. You can deliver greater value when earned storytelling is considered from the outset.”

Jasmine Barnes

Head of Talent UK
Talent can bring incredible value when it’s done right. It’s got to be an authentic match. Playing the long game allows you to build a true, mutually beneficial, far-reaching partnership to allow a brand to reach new audiences.”

Mark Wagman

Talent Procurement Lead