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Personal Development & Culture

We don’t have a BCW “type.” We take joy and pride in our diversity, and in our commitment to creating a growth culture that has room for everyone.

This is why our Employee Value Proposition at BCW is: 'We are designed to cultivate your growth and momentum.’

Our BCW Academy covers everything you need to advance your career from the outset and extends all the way up to our specialised leadership programmes.

BCW firmly believes continuous performance management helps team members grow. This starts with empowering team members to provide and receive feedback regularly. Our Ask Forward way of giving and receiving feedback invites people to consider what they did well and what they can improve on rather than simply be given feedback. In 2023, we launched Culture Amp, a state-of-the-art performance management tool for all employees.

We have a comprehensive onboarding programme that starts from the moment we make an offer of employment, ensuring individuals feel welcome and engaged. Our BCW UK CEO and Senior Leadership Team members meet all new starters at monthly welcome events. New joiners are also provided a ‘buddy’ to support their introduction to BCW.

We have a meritocratic approach to promotions. In 2022, 40% of our people were promoted.

Our internal pay structure and benefits package is routinely benchmarked against industry data such as the PRCA, internally within our parent company, WPP, data from our recruitment partners and against the broader market salary benchmarking reports.

At BCW, we are respectful of cultural, religious, and ethical sensitivities and differences. Our commitment to ensuring DE&I is embedded in our hiring policy is achieved by operating anonymised applications. Our structured interviews create fair opportunity, and we ensure diverse representation on interview panels.

We also encourage employees to devote eight hours per month to our ‘Curiosity Code,’ time dedicated to experiences that broaden their worldviews for the benefit of their creativity, ideas and perspectives.