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BCW Launches BCW Navigate, a New Advisory Service Focused on the Rapid Growth of Artificial IntelligenceFebruary 7, 2023

BCW, the leading global communications agency, today announced the launch of ‘BCW Navigate’, a specialist proposition aimed at assisting clients in charting their course through the complex terrain of artificial intelligence. Led by a multidisciplinary team of strategists based in London and Brussels, BCW Navigate will support C-suite clients on all aspects of using artificial intelligence – from the regulatory to the ethical and the wider public conversation.

BCW Navigate comes at a pivotal moment for businesses, brands and organisations looking to maximise the rapidly growing potential of artificial intelligence in a political context as the EU and UK are developing rapidly diverging regulatory approaches to AI which will be key in how businesses can operate, innovate, and thrive.

BCW Navigate builds on the agency’s existing expertise in both London and Brussels and incorporates learnings from work with existing clients seeking to unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence across cybersecurity, entertainment and IOT applications.

The importance of artificial intelligence to business operations across the global economy is increasing rapidly. Research by WPP sister agency Wunderman Thompson found that 77% of businesses in the UK have already adopted some form of artificial intelligence, with sectors including financial and legal services, human resources, retail and hospitality at the forefront of innovation.

BCW Senior Advisor John Higgins, Chair of the Global Digital Foundation, will sit on BCW Navigate’s advisory council, as will WPP’s Chief AI Officer & CEO of Satalia Daniel Hulme. Operational leadership is headed by London-based Harry Stovin-Bradford, a BCW tech public affairs specialist and Mateusz Rachubka in Brussels.

BCW will mark the launch of Navigate with a panel discussion to be held on 28th February in the agency’s London office, moderated by BCW Senior Adviser John McTernan. Panellists, drawn from politics, the civil service, and top think-tanks include:

  1. Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Digital, UK Labour Party
  2. Di Mayze, Global Head of Data and AI, WPP
  3. Kerry Sheehan, Head of Service Development and Innovation, UK Civil Service
  4. Jenny Brennan, Senior Researcher, Ada Lovelace Institute
  5. John Higgins, Chair, Global Digital Foundation and Former President British Computing Society
  6. Naomi Weir, Programme Director of Innovation at CBI

To join the event in-person or virtually, RSVP below. Please note that spaces are limited.

Scott Wilson, President, Europe and Africa said:
“With Navigate, BCW confirms its position as the pre-eminent communications counsel to the C-suite on artificial intelligence issues. It’s becoming clear that business leaders in the EU, UK and around the world are actively seeking expert counsel and support in how to best navigate these highly complex regulatory and business issues. BCW’s scale and international expertise means we are uniquely positioned to advise clients on how these divergent regulatory regimes interact with one another, and to counsel businesses on how to best prepare for a future where artificial intelligence will be a significant part of their lives as well as the lives of their staff, partners and customers.”

About BCW Navigate
BCW Navigate is a Europe-wide offer aiming to help businesses understand and engage with the public conversation around the future of artificial intelligence.

Regulators in London and Brussels are already drawing up rules to regulate the development and use of artificial intelligence. These rules need to be well-informed and shaped to protect consumers while avoiding unnecessary harm to business. Businesses need to engage now in order to help define the rules by which they will in future be regulated.

With senior advisers including John Higgins, Chair of the Global Digital Foundation, and Daniel Hulme, WPP’s Chief AI Officer, BCW Navigate brings together the best of BCW’s public affairs and corporate communications expertise, led from London and Brussels, to help business leaders understand the multinational challenges they face and to effectively make their case.