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BCW Chief Innovation Officer and Global President, Digital Innovation, Chad Latz Recognized by PRWeek as an AI InnovatorFebruary 5, 2024

NEW YORK, February 6, 2024 – BCW, a leading global communications agency, today announced that Chad Latz, the agency’s Chief Innovation Officer and Global President, Digital, has been named to PRWeek’s “Dashboard 25: AI Edition.” The Dashboard recognizes the individuals shaping the most game-changing technologies in the PR sector.

In 2023, Latz was instrumental in launching two groundbreaking AI offerings. BCW Decipher powered by Limbik, introduced in July, is a cognitive AI solution that provides clients with advanced identification and mitigation solutions against weaponized information by predicting the impact of communications with audiences. Latz first formed the partnership with Limbik and then brought together their leading-edge technology with the agency’s communications consultancy to create a first-of-its-kind solution in the marketplace.

In November, BCW launched the Decipher Index, a new platform that uses cognitive AI to predict the top themes with the greatest potential for impact in the future. Also developed in partnership with Limbik, the Decipher Index delivers rolling prediction of key trends worldwide and their potential for global online engagement and regional resonance.

“The offerings that Chad and our partners at Limbik developed have proven to be enormously helpful to clients as they navigate a wide and growing range of potential business risks associated with weaponized information or global storylines that are building resonance,” said Corey duBrowa, Global CEO, BCW. “Both of our Decipher offerings have given clients the foresight needed to blunt threats and protect their reputations. I am thrilled for Chad to receive this recognition.”

“I am honored to be recognized by PRWeek for the work we are doing to maximize the promise of AI to protect clients against all manner of threats and create new opportunities for them,” said Latz. “The volume of interest our clients have shown in these solutions truly validates that AI is a critical tool for strategic communicators. And I am delighted that Zach Schwitzky, CEO of Limbik, our partner with whom we developed both offerings, is also recognized as an innovator.”

On January 25th, WPP announced it would merge its two largest communications agencies, BCW and Hill & Knowlton, to form Burson, a powerhouse delivering modern communications leadership at scale to clients across the world. The merged company will become an industry-leading and modern full-service communications agency focused on building and protecting reputation. Burson will be operational as of July 1, 2024.