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Kristen Lisanti Joins BCW as Chief Culture OfficerOctober 18, 2018

NEW YORK, October 18, 2018 – BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe), a leading global communications agency, today announced that Kristen Lisanti has joined the firm as Chief Culture Officer, responsible for establishing an engaging culture at BCW that honors the diversity of its people and connects them through deep values, a global passion for the agency’s business and a fresh, new approach to employee satisfaction. In addition to driving employee engagement and building a global training program, Lisanti, based in New York, will be charged with establishing BCW as a best place to work around the world.

“The culture of any organization is a critical pillar to its success,” said Donna Imperato, Global CEO, BCW, to whom Lisanti reports. “I’ve always focused on creating and nurturing the right culture. It doesn’t happen by itself and it requires just as much attention as other business aspects of an organization. BCW will be among the first in our industry to hire a global Chief Culture Officer whose sole focus will be to ensure our talent is a priority and that BCW is the best place to work.

“But being a best place to work is not about the trophy,” Imperato continued. “It is about having a consistent culture around the world that enjoys shared values, shared passions and shared goals. We want a culture in which our people will grow and thrive and feel part of something important, innovative and successful. Kristen is the rare professional trained in this specialty and known for creating high-performance cultures. I’m incredibly excited about what Kristen will bring to BCW.”

Before joining BCW, Lisanti spent the last four years with Vision 7 as part of Blue Focus International, most recently as Vice President, Talent, International, leading organizational change initiatives with a focus on cultural integration and leadership development. In that role, she modernized the organization’s performance management approach and launched its Diversity, Individuality & Inclusion initiative across the global corporate network. Lisanti began her career in integrated communications with an emphasis in public relations, designing campaigns that drove social and behavioral change. While at Citizen Relations, she led teams working on reducing stigma and discrimination around mental health and preventing obesity for children in underserved communities. Before that, at Hershey|Cause, Lisanti’s clients included First 5 LA, the College Access Foundation and the Diversity in Philanthropy Project. She also managed programs and content for Rock the Vote during the 2004 election cycle.

“BCW is at an incredibly important inflection point,” said Lisanti. “Now that the firm has clearly established its brand and go-to-market offering, we can begin the complex work of organically but systematically clarifying and cultivating the strengths of our people, the ways we work together and the purpose that drives our performance. We’ll know we’re on the right track when BCW is a best place to work, but we’ll be truly successful when we’re taking the whole industry forward in terms of what it means to work and grow in an agency.”