BCW Culture Guide

A fresh take on culture. A new path to growth.

BCW exists to Move People, and this includes you. BCW is designed to cultivate your growth and momentum.

How We Grow

There is no one kind of BCW person. In fact, we see the confluence of our differences as our superpower. What we have in common is that we practice a growth mindset. We engage in our work with openness, curiosity and a commitment to learning. Individually and together, we are always asking and listening, connecting and creating, innovating and growing.

The BCW Culture Guide offers a practical toolkit for making a growth mindset work for you and your teams.

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BCW is where you come when you want to grow. You’ll be challenged here, but you’ll also be supported in taking the risks and making the leaps that will move you—and our clients, and our business—forward.”

Kristen Lisanti

Chief Culture Officer

Our Growth Principles

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At BCW, we practice with the line as our growth mindset map. It not only serves as a tool for self-awareness but as a shared language we use to connect with and support one another in rising to meet the challenges we face.

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Our Growth Mindset Toolkit

STOP: Checking our mindset in the moment

Intentional Inclusion: Disrupting bias with empathy

Ask Forward: Feedback that feels good & helps us grow

Creative Conflict Code: Leveraging our differences

Meeting with Purpose: How & why we gather

Leading Above the Line: Next-level leadership

Client Partnership: Relationships that yield results

Leading Above the Line has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about myself and others around me, more evolved definitions of leadership, as well as better ways to handle stress, anxiety and uncertainty.”

Maria Cheong

Senior Director, BCW Hong Kong
Maria Cheong
Jillian Skuza
Ask Forward changed the culture of our team. We had a lot of email feedback, but now we take the time to understand where people are coming from and why they worked a certain way, leading to more understanding and stronger relationships.”

Jillian Skuza

Vice President, BCW New York

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