Our Inclusivity Pledge

We believe that a culture of intentional inclusion is critical to our success.

At BCW, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels safe and challenged to grow, as people and as professionals. Through our own BCW Inclusion Pledge, we are committed to:

  • Working with the BCW People Team to audit and recalibrate policies, practices and processes of our business – from recruitment and hiring to development and advancement – to mitigate bias and ensure equity for all.
  • Increasing mid-senior level black employee population by 10% by 2022.
  • Embedding inclusive leadership and bias management into the revamped people leadership development program plans.
  • Leveraging our Employee Resource Groups to lead initiatives that will have client, career, culture, and community impact across the organization.
  • Developing a global Grow IDEA Network Think Tanks, which focus on Client Solutions, Professional Development, Cultural Insights, Community/Purpose, and Recruiting to set forth programs/initiatives that are pertinent to the growth and evolution of BCW’s culture of inclusion.
  • Improving accountability and transparency at the leadership level. Leaders have action and metric goals built into their annual plans. Quarterly reporting to our senior leadership on leading and lagging indicators and progress highlights, and bi-annual strategy meetings within our markets and practice areas to proactive plan for talent needs and close gaps on the cultural experience of the various diverse communities.

Ensuring real and sustainable change within our own organization is our most critical focus, but it is not our only focus. As a global communications firm with clients up and down the Fortune 500, we have an extraordinary opportunity – truly, a responsibility – to help facilitate change in corporate America and beyond by helping our clients build meaningful, sustainable diversity programs in their own organizations and make meaningful connections with diverse audiences.

We see the world as increasingly polycultural and believe that cultures inform, impact and blur with one another to create consistent, dynamic cultural exchange and change. Our existing polycultural offering was built because we see and value diverse audiences in America and we wanted to create work that reflects and pays respect to the high level of diversity in America and in many other countries. Through it, we help our clients develop nuanced, hyper resonant, precisely deployed content and mass and grassroots campaigns that are crafted through our proprietary methodology which includes three dimensions of cultural analysis. Our newly created Inclusive Recovery offering helps businesses and organizations become more inclusive and engaged for the diversity within their communities, customer bases and other audiences who may have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We are also creating a framework that follows up on Inclusive Recovery that guides clients on anti-racism to help them assess, acknowledge, act, adapt and account for anti-racism within their organizations and the community at large.

Everything we do at BCW is about moving people – our people, our clients and our agency – toward something better. We can think of nothing more critical than moving people toward inclusion, diversity and equity for all.

Destination Inclusion

Destination Inclusion is BCW's immersive DE&I (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) learning journey designed to raise cultural competency and deepen our understanding of ourselves and others through the lens of inclusion and equity.

This year's theme is One to Many, where we aspire to have each leader in every market engage in one meaningful action to deliver on BCW's commitment to an action-driven, inclusive culture worldwide.