Linda Camilla Strømsod

Account Director, Norway

Linda Camilla has background from the forest industry where she was a communication manager in Viken Skog for 10 years. She has a comprehensive CV that lists leadership roles in both the Army and the Navy for 12 years, in addition to sales and product development.

More About Linda Camilla Strømsod

For three years she worked as sales manager for Renault and for three years she worked as a product manager in Synthes with medical rep.

In the Armed Forces, she has participated in several international operations in both Kosovo and Afghanistan working with press and information and PSYOPS (Psychological operations).

Linda is educated officer in the Armed Forces in Norway, a diploma marketer and a real estate agent at BI / NMH Business School, Oslo.

Linda has a genuine passion for PR, sports and outdoor activities. She is a cross country coach and soccer coach for juniors.