Ryan Duncan

VP, Corporate Affairs

Ryan Duncan is a Vice President for Corporate Affairs at BCW where he advises global companies and organizations on matters spanning geopolitical risk, issues management, and crisis response.

More About Ryan Duncan

From September 2020 to March 2023, Ryan served in a number of positions in the White House Situation Room, most recently as the Director of Operations. In that role, Ryan provided strategic guidance to and oversight on daily operations of intelligence and military officers making up five watch floor teams; rewrote and modernized the organization’s crisis management and continuity of government procedures; and, participated in weekly tabletop exercises to ensure the organization, and larger White House, was prepared for any crisis. Before that role, he served as a Senior Duty Officer and Duty Officer -- core members of the Situation Room's watch floor teams that flag and brief senior White House principals on sensitive intelligence and breaking events globally.

Prior to joining the White House, Ryan was an Intelligence Analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation specializing in gangs and transnational criminal organizations. He ran one of the Criminal Division’s largest multi-agency intelligence programs devoted to debriefing federal inmates with ties to criminal organizations to further federal investigations. Ryan also worked for The Harbour Group, where he mainly worked public diplomacy for the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, and Edelman, where he was a part of Volkswagen’s crisis team for the emissions scandal. Prior to these agencies, Ryan was a Speechwriter and Special Assistant to Judge Kenneth Star.

Ryan received his MA from George Washington University in Security Policy Studies and his BA from Baylor University in Psychology.

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