Joanna Kearney

Associate Director, Zurich office

Joanna has ten years of international experience advising organizations on corporate reputation, crisis management, stakeholder engagement and internal communications. She has worked with many companies facing acute public scrutiny, helping them improve their reputation or raise their profile in the media and with specialist audiences, from policymakers to NGOs and consumers.

More About Joanna Kearney

Joanna has valuable mobility experience. She managed communications for the world's largest public transport project in Riyadh and convinced the public of new forms of mobility. She also worked for many years for one of the leading leasing and fleet management providers, promoting new leasing vehicles to business customers and contributing to the debate on many issues affecting road travel - from safety and comfort to road conditions and environmental issues.

Joanna is used to leading international PR campaigns and working with team members around the world to deliver a consistent company story across markets while addressing local priorities. She believes in the power of good storytelling and has worked with CEOs and executives to help them stand out from the crowd. She is adept at turning dry or technical information into entertaining and timely stories that capture the public's attention.

Joanna is British and holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. She speaks English and German.