John McTernan

Senior Advisor, Corporate and Public Affairs UK 

John, a Senior Adviser at BCW, is a highly regarded communicator and campaign strategist who works with political and corporate clients around the world. He has worked widely in government – advising prime ministers in four countries

More About John McTernan

Previously, John ran the International Political Practice of BCW’s sister company PSB; and before that was a columnist and writer for The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times and The Times.

An experienced policy adviser and strategist, he was Prime Minister Blair’s Director of Political Operations, and worked in the departments of Work and Pensions, Defence and Scotland during the Labour government.

He then worked as Director of Communications for Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He has also been Thinker in Residence for the Government of South Australia and Head of Policy for the Scottish Government.

John appears frequently in the media, including on the BBC and Sky News, as well as writing regularly for the Financial Times.