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ENO A Plateful of Laughs

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The challenge – How do you celebrate a brand’s 50th anniversary while also ensuring it appeals to GenZ? To connect ENO to GenZ Indians, we created ENOLand: India’s first stand-up comedy show in the metaverse. Zakir Khan – stand-up comedian and a famous foodie – headlined the event and spoke about about the joys of food, the pain of acidity and the relief that ENO brings! He was joined by six other influencers, who were in the virtual audience, creating content for social media in this unique event.


To generate excitement for the event, we initiated a 3-day teaser campaign where each of the six regional comedy influencers – Rahul Subramaniam, Aiyyo Shraddha, Kaneez Surka, Rahul Dua, Kiran Dutta & Sahil Shah – shared an invite to the comedy show hosted by ENO & Zakir Khan, creating curiosity without revealing specific details. Two days before the event, the influencers unveiled that the invitation was for ENOLand, India’s first-ever stand-up comedy show in the metaverse. On the day before the event, all influencers, including Zakir, disclosed the customised metaverse avatars they would wear during the ENOLand show.

On the event day, ENO executed an extensive outreach, blanketing our primary audience with earned and shared content in the press and on social media. Post the show, the media push kicked off with a multimedia press release sent nationwide to mainline and consumer news portals, followed by exclusive interviews with Haleon spokespersons for business and A&M trade media. By evening, as media stories surfaced, all influencers, including Zakir, shared video snippets from ENOLand on Instagram, significantly amplifying organic reach.

Simultaneously, the internal communications campaign at Haleon kicked off with both offline and digital engagements. Leadership messages announced the launch of the 'Month of ENO' internal events, including food tray mats in the Haleon cafeteria featuring infographics about the history of Brand ENO in India. Through video bites, employees of Haleon expressed their pride in working for an iconic brand. On Haleon’s intranet, a short AV traced the journey of ENO’s best TV ads. Additionally, life-size photo frames with 50th-anniversary branding were installed in the office for employees to celebrate the milestone with a selfie.


Throughout the campaign and after, ENO achieved 450 million media reach with 90% key message delivery through 252 stories in 71 Cat-A publications, covering 28 cities in 10 languages. On the digital frontier, ENO had 3 million+ organic views via influencers on social media in Week One alone. On average, 49.2% of organic Instagram influencer content reached audiences below the age of 25. In total, ENO had 145k organic engagements with a 90% positive sentiment on socials.


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