Pride In London


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2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march in London. Expectations were high, but Pride in London, the community organisation which hosts the march, faced serious reputational issues, trigged by allegations of bullying, corporatisation, and racism within in its ranks.

Pride had made significant changes to address these issues but needed help communicating them to the LGBTIQ+ community, and to the wider public. BCW/WPP Unite developed a narrative acknowledging these past challenges and sharing the steps that Pride was taking to build a more inclusive organisation and society.

The resulting campaign – #AllOurPride – celebrated the diversity and proud history of London’s LGBTIQ+ community, emphasising its journey, the ups and downs, and creating a space where members and supporters could come together and show their strength.

The campaign delivered a clear message with a power and authenticity that struck a chord with the LGBTIQ+ community and beyond. It inspired LGBTIQ+ people and their allies to unite and show that they would meet the challenges confronting them together.

On the back of the campaign, sentiment about Pride moved from extremely negative to positive. More than 1,100 pieces of coverage were generated, with over 135 billion impressions of earned media coverage. Key relationships with highly critical outlets were rebuilt and strengthened. A record 1.5 million people turned out for the 50th anniversary march and Pride was awarded a further five-year contract from City of London to host the event.