Earned-Plus Capabilities

Brand Research & Strategy

We believe that to move people, we have to truly understand them. Who they are. Where they come from. And their feelings, values and cultural connections. That’s why everything we do starts with research to unlock the actionable insights that guide sound strategy and inspire unexpected, creative ideas.

At BCW, our work comes down to three simple things: what, why and where. To pinpoint what is happening, we leverage data from numerous sources including our own exclusive platforms. Then we employ innovative primary research techniques to understand the cause. Finally, our sophisticated planners identify and illuminate the best channels to reach the full stakeholder audience. It's how BCW continues to drive performance and deliver defendable strategy.

We embed strategy into everything we do. It’s how we evolve with our audiences and optimize our campaigns in real time. It’s how we face each new challenge with curiosity and confidence. And how we move at the speed of culture.