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Hosting major sports events provide cities a unique opportunity to tell their story, but which part of their story should they focus on?

By nature, cities work on a diverse range of areas at the same time – and as a result there are plenty of different messages that could be connected to the communication of a sports event. It could be, for example, inclusion of marginalized groups, safety and security, or increasing physical activity among young residents.

The most successful host cities align the exciting strategies and goals with the key attributes of the event itself. In this way, communication can be authentic, coherent, and specifically tailored to the right audience.

The result?

A storytelling strategy that elevates awareness, appeal and engagement for the city. We call this the ‘Sweet Spot’. To find the sweet spot, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who: Which target demographics should you use the event to engage with?
  • How: Which of your outreach methods/channels can be optimised by the event?
  • What: Which of your messages and campaigns can be amplified through the event?
  • When: When are the best times to intensify communication efforts given the event timing?

By focusing on these questions, host cities can make sure they boost their communication efforts in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. Find your sweet spot and your next major sports event will be a communication success.