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Moving People to Move Policy: A Quarterly Look at Health Policy from BCWSeptember 19, 2022

With Congress returning from summer recess, now is a good time to review the status of health policy in 2022. Since our last Quarterly Report there has been a lot of action. Some of it was driven by Congress and some driven by the Supreme Court, but all of it is momentous with the potential to affect health policy for years to come. And, as campaigning takes off, we need to recognize there is not much time left on the legislative calendar and control of at least one chamber of Congress may well flip next year. To help you plan for the rest of this year and next, this quarterly update will focus on some key points to consider around potential control of Congress in 2023. Providing insight in this newsletter are:

  • BCW: BCW's experts in communications, public affairs, earned media, advertising, and digital & social innovation
  • Prime Policy Group: Prime Policy's lobbyists and campaign professionals
  • Direct Impact: Direct Impact's grassroots specialists and local opinion leaders
  • PSB: PSB Insights' survey researchers, pollsters and qualitative research experts