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Poolside With Petra – Cannes 2022: Day 3June 23, 2022

A daily round-up of the highlights from Cannes International Festival of Creativity by Petra Andersson, Senior Creative at BCW London.

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A daily round-up of the highlights from Cannes International Festival of Creativity by Petra Andersson, Senior Creative at BCW London.

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Pete Way saw a dinosaur on stage (!) oh and of course… 7 new categories were awarded: Creative Effectiveness, Creative Strategy, Brand & Experience Activation, Creative Business Transformation, Creative Commerce, Innovation and Mobile.

Keep reading to hear more about our…


Today STRATEGY took the stage together with experiences in all sorts and forms. Here are the winners…

  • The Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness goes to Contract for Change by FCB Chicago for Michelob Ultra. IF you were an avid fan of last year's rendition of Poolside with Petra (as you should be), you'd know this campaign won a Grand Prix in PR last year. The Creative Effectiveness category was introduced last year, and you can only compete upon invitation. This category is for campaigns that can prove they create real change – last year it went to Dream Crazy by Nike. A quick Contract for Change recap for the somewhat less avid Poolside with Petra fan – 90% of Americans want to buy organic produce, but only 1% of farming is currently organic. It takes roughly 3 years for a farmer to go organic, a massive investment with little return. So Anheuser-Busch made a deal – if farmers went organic they promised to buy all their produce for the next 3 years. That includes the transitional crops which will be used by the brewery's non-organic beers. I still love this as they managed to identify the main barrier to farmers going organic AND turning the problem into a win-win situation! I'm very glad it worked our IRL as well!
  • The Grand Prix in Creative Commerce goes to Wingstop for Thighstop by Leo Burnett Chicago. No one can have forgotten the chicken shortage of 2021 when not only KFC, but also Wingstop, ran out of chicken. BUT it turns out the chicken thighs were going strong all along. In just a couple of days, Wingstop changed its entire branding from logo to packing to become Thighstop – an online store where the US could order their favourite thighs. The most impressive thing about this campaign is that they actually managed to do it. Is it creative? … YOU be the judge.
  • The Grand Prix For Innovation goes to Suncorp Group for One House to Save Many by Leo Burnett. This modern easy-on-the-eye house design isn't any old architectural house – it's a climate and weatherproof house, built to survive extreme flooding, fires, and storms. The initiative was made as Suncorp wanted to reduce claims by encouraging customers to better protect their houses. The team also consisted of a government agency and architectural firm, ensuring the final design was as credible as it possibly could be. Well done!
  • The Grand Prix for Mobile goes to Real Tone for Google by Google Mountain View. The campaign was made for the launch of Pixel 6. Historically, technology hasn't accurately represented darker skin tones. So Google set out on a mission together with photographers, cinematographers, and colourists to create a better camera and editing technology, The result is Real Tone, which more accurately represents different skin tones. They launched the product with using several different human stories – including one featuring Lizzo for SuperBowl. This is obviously a great invention that should have been done ages ago, and as much as I acknowledge that (believe me I do) the execution isn't very creative. This to me is more of a Glass Lion than the best mobile solution of the year.

And so ends the third day of the advertising championships.


  • Will BCW Delegate Pete Way somehow manage to watch Malala's talk before he rushes to the airport?
  • We WILL get to see the winners of some of my favourite categories – PR, Direct and Social!
  • Will the Unfiltered History Tour be featured in Poolside by Petra for the 4th time in a week and win yet another Grand Prix?

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