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Our Practice Areas


When you ask people about their motivation for working in the healthcare industry, you will get essentially the same answer: to improve and save people’s lives.


The dizzying pace of change in the technology world is both a blessing and a challenge. On the one hand, it helps us solve problems almost at the speed of thought and gives us a real-time connect with our stakeholders, and on the other, it can be quite daunting to keep up with.

The Hub

The market is always shifting gears. At Genesis BCW, we take an integrated approach that delivers a full spectrum of strategic solutions—from data and analytics to digital innovation, social media, mobile engagement, compelling, creative content, and more.

Public Affairs

Increasing collaboration between the industry and the government has made public affairs a critical function. We help corporations engage with the government and key opinion leaders by ethically influencing in the areas of policy advocacy, regulatory landscape, and stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Issues & Crisis Group

In this digital age, there is no hiding place. There is an increase in activism among people and governments. Consumers have become discerning and more demanding. In media, negative news is selling more copies and airtime, and there is a demand for instant answers

The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau

For businesses and people to succeed, they must connect with the people and ideas that are shaping the world. The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau works with over 200 inspirational minds from across the globe who bring cutting-edge perspectives on the biggest ideas that matter for our clients.

Brands, Sports & Entertainment

It’s never been a better time to be a brand. Brands have never added more value than right now, often filling gaps where governments and other institutions are not delivering enough support.

Corporate & Financial

It’s never been harder to be a CEO. Even before COVID-19, more and more was being expected of CEOs due to the rise of stakeholder capitalism. Since the pandemic, a corporation’s responsibility to its stakeholders has only magnified.

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