ENO A Plateful of Laughs


The challenge – How do you celebrate a brand’s 50th anniversary while also ensuring it appeals to GenZ? To connect ENO to GenZ Indians, we created ENOLand: India’s first stand-up comedy show in the metaverse.

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Britannia: Krunch Khao Punch Dikhao

To boost children’s physical and mental growth with optimal nutrition, Britannia Krunch set out to drive change around one of the world’s largest social evils – bullying.



Making India Sleep Well

Pandemic-induced stress and anxiety and the need for better immunity and rest has made sleep even more precious. As a brand that has pioneered sleep solutions for over five decades, Sleepwell understood the anxieties and stress being faced by people and took the charge of ensuring that the nation sleeps well. Through its integrated campaign Making India Sleep Well, the brand sparked conversations around the importance of eight hours of sound, comfortable and hygienic sleep.

Achieved 30% revenue growth
600+ media conversations

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IndiGo: Lean, Clean Flying Machine

IndiGo, India’s largest airline, had a market share of 48% in February 2020. But the pandemic-driven sudden halt of operations from March 25 dried up IndiGo’s revenue stream. This also meant none of the expansion plans took flight and the airline would be back to the drawing board when operations resumed.



Timex TMX

Timex Group India was looking to expand its footprint across tier-II markets. It launched its new TMX range of watches, an affordable gifting choice for consumers combined with 100 new point-of-sale stores across the country.

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NBA India

When India was chosen to host the first ever global games, NBA India reached out to Genesis BCW with the objective to make India fall in love with basketball. The integrated #NBAInMyBackyard campaign brought to life every imagination the audience might have had about the NBA across art, culture, lifestyle, on-ground awe, content, and of course, the sport itself. Based on the insight that a live event is also about the complete experience and culture around it, an integrated campaign covering public relations, on-ground activation and social media amplification was created for an immersive experience.

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Britannia Marie Gold My Startup Contest

The Marie Gold Women Entrepreneurship Study conducted by Marie Gold and Neilson highlighted that 48% of Indian homemakers wanted to become business owners when they were young. From fuelling their bodies to fuelling their dreams, Marie Gold launched the My Startup integrated campaign, using public relations, digital films and television advertising, to give homemakers that initial support they needed to fulfil their dreams of entrepreneurship and financial independence and unlock the economic potential they hold.

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Medela, a breast pump and nursing accessories manufacturer, had found that many Indian women either gave up breastfeeding when they went back to work or quit their jobs when they gave birth. They reached out to Genesis BCW to help new moms to get ‘Back To Work’ successfully and still provide their babies with the nutrition of breast milk.

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Colgate’s annual initiative, Oral Health Month (OHM), in partnership with the Indian Dental Association (IDA), had provided free dental check-ups to over 24 million Indians in till 2015. The challenge for Genesis BCW was to get free dental check-ups to even more Indians.

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Star Sports

When leading Indian sports network Star Sports decided to launch a women’s league for the male-dominated kabaddi, the question on everyone’s lips was the same—who’s going to watch it? But rather than let that stop them, they turned to BCW. And we changed Indian sports culture forever.



Cartoon Network – Turner India

Children's entertainment channel Cartoon Network India wanted to contribute in making India safer for children. It enlisted the help of Genesis BCW to help them reposition and move beyond just a children's’ entertainment channel by creating a narrative that would highlight the crimes committed against children and spread awareness.

Cartoon Network Turner India



As a socially responsible brand, 93.5 RED FM, India’s leading radio station, puts together a list of causes that affects its listeners every year. In 2017, RED FM found that almost 30 people died every day in Mumbai due to potholes in roads. Shocked by this statistic, RED FM partnered with Genesis BCW to create a campaign called ‘Mumbai Khadde Mein’ or ‘Mumbai in a Hole’ to help advocate safer roads and ensure a solution to the problem at hand—potholes.

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World Food India

World Food India, a three-day mega food event organised by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Government of India, aimed to rekindle confidence in India’s capabilities as a food factory for the world among potential partners abroad, the Indian business community and citizens at large. Genesis BCW was brought in to help position World Food India as a landmark event.

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Monster India

When Monster India approached Genesis BCW to help position the Monster Salary Index (MSI), its annual salary benchmarking index, we saw it as an opportunity to help address the glaring gender pay gap, a statistic highlighted in all the studies conducted till date!

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Rail Corporation

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation

The Mumbai Metro Line 3 was to help the world's most overcrowded public transport system relieve the burden its 7.5 million commuters placed on the existing tracks. A project of this magnitude was bound to disrupt life, so when activists threatened to derail it, Genesis BCW stepped in to make Mumbaikars feel involved and connected with the project.

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