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Prepare & Lead During History's Biggest Election Year

There are more than 40 national elections worldwide in this year alone – including India, Taiwan, the European Union, South Africa, Mexico and the United States – representing approximately 3 billion people and 60% of global GDP. The political crossfires and polarization centered on these elections and the ultimate outcomes are critical considerations for business this year. Companies should prepare diligently for a volatile terrain across supply chains and operations, stakeholder engagement and public sentiment to mitigate the risk – as well as capitalize on the opportunities – this year presents.

Join experts from BCW’s Global Corporate Affairs practice for an insightful conversation on the following components of this year’s elections:

  • The major global elections and the key players shaping this year’s political environment.
  • Hot-button issues rising to the top of the highly contentious political agenda this year, related business impacts and how companies can effectively articulate their values and perspectives amidst the anticipated chaos.
  • Risk mitigation during election season and how companies can prepare and manage being pulled into controversial conversations, conflicting stakeholder expectations and the spread of misinformation.

About the Event

2024 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated years in recent history, in part due to its moniker of being the “biggest global election year in history.” With more than 40 national elections taking place, countries take their turn casting their ballots. While at the same time, corporate leaders anxiously watch the results roll in and determine how the outcomes will impact industries, stakeholder dynamics, corporate reputations, supply chains and trade, geopolitical relations, among other facets of society. Regardless of the region, this year’s elections process is expected to be arduous, divisive and uncertain.

Join BCW’s Global Corporate Affairs Practice for a conversation on the anticipated impacts of the major global elections taking place throughout 2024. Leaders representing regions of some of the most high-stakes elections across the globe will discuss how companies can proactively tell their story, protect their reputation and license to operate, and prepare for and capitalize on the opportunities presented during these tumultuous times.