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BCW Introduces Cognitive AI Solution Against Weaponized InformationJuly 26, 2023

Agency Announces Exclusive Global Partnership with Limbik to Introduce Advanced Disinformation Identification and Mitigation

NEW YORK, July 26, 2023 – BCW, the leading global communications agency, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Limbik, a top information defense technology company rooted in cognitive artificial intelligence (AI), to provide clients with advanced identification and mitigation solutions against weaponized information. The first offering from the partnership is BCW Decipher powered by Limbik to help clients anticipate and dismantle message threats in today’s post-factual environment.   

“The team at Limbik has developed a truly groundbreaking cognitive AI platform to determine the believability, virality, foreign influence and potential for impact of emerging narratives,” said Chad Latz, Global Chief Innovation Officer, BCW. “Together, we offer an exceptional one-two punch for clients around the world with Decipher thanks to Limbik’s ability to predict, source and assess potentially damaging content coupled with BCW’s world-class expertise in crisis counsel and corporate reputation management. In today’s world, this is a must-have service as weaponized information – whether from foreign actors, adversaries, disgruntled individuals or generative AI – can have a debilitating impact on an organization’s reputation, stock price and indeed, ability to function.”   

BCW Decipher powered by Limbik works by integrating message-level believability classification and predictive virality indicators. The result is a robust framework for evaluating the potential impact of different types of content across defined audience segments that is based on observable, repeatable data. Determining an audience’s level of commitment to a particular topic and artifact believability to the platform can make predictions about future impact.  

“There are a lot of analytics solutions, but companies, organizations, and even governments around the world still struggle to identify disinformation, a threat that only grows with generative AI,” said Zach Schwitzky, CEO and Co-Founder of Limbik. “Our cognitive AI platform predicts the believability of a narrative and if its likely to drive action – the two most important metrics when considering impact to your business or brand. This partnership with BCW, and its capacity to use our data solution to launch communications efforts to protect brands, is game-changing in terms of building organizational resilience. BCW Decipher powered by Limbik combines sourcing and assessing the potential for damage with industry-leading crisis preparedness and mitigation communications solutions. Together, we can help clients stop weaponized information from disrupting a business.” 

In February 2023, BCW launched BCW Navigate, an advisory service led by a multi-disciplinary team of experts who support C-suite clients on all aspects of using artificial intelligence – from the regulatory to the ethical and the wider public conversation. 

About Limbik

Limbik is a cognitive AI company which has developed PFI ("Potential for Impact"), the first platform engineered to proactively identify information threats and optimize response options. PFI is deployed by democratic governments, forward-thinking NGOs, and leading businesses to combat the risk of weaponized information. With offices in the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the Limbik team are veterans of Madison Avenue, the U.S. government, academia, and venture-backed technology companies. For more information, visit www.limbik.com.