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BCW Introduces Consumer Health Offer BCW LifeMay 26, 2023

LONDON, 17th May 2023 – BCW, the leading global communications agency, today announced the launch of BCW Life, a new approach for its consumer health offer.

BCW Life brings together the best of BCW’s capabilities in integrated healthcare communications and consumer brand marketing. BCW Life is a dedicated offer developed to serve clients in the space where the two disciplines intersect, providing counsel across the spectrum from consumer lifestyle and tech brands to pharmaceutical and biotech. BCW Life sits within BCW London’s Healthcare Practice.

BCW Life’s ambition is ‘moving people to make smarter, healthier decisions every day’. One of its key missions is to challenge the status quo of what ‘healthy’ means to people in the 21st century, where there’s an increasing focus on ‘health span’ not just lifespan. Blending BCW's capabilities in healthcare, behavioural science, digital and creativity, BCW Life will drive client initiatives that are steeped in consumer insight, informed by research and with the vision to positively shape people’s health today.

BCW will partner with clients at the forefront of innovation and shaping the future of personal, preventative and public health. “The consumer health industry is undergoing exponential change,” said Matt Coy, Senior Director, Healthcare, who leads BCW Life. “Even some of the once accepted wisdom around health is coming under question. Established thinking is being re-examined and new science and technology are emerging all the time. The range of opportunity is huge for the organisations that are agile and able to adapt.”

“The way people make health decisions is evolving,” adds Tamsin Tierney, Group Managing Director, Healthcare, BCW London, to whom Coy reports. “With health systems under increasing pressure and public health policy prioritising prevention, people taking control of their own health has never been more important or more possible. Consumer access to information and data has raised the bar of expectation around how companies meet their needs with the products, services and information they provide.”

Tierney continues: “Our approach and expertise enable us to provide commercially focused consumer communication that resonates and truly moves people.”

BCW Life’s portfolio already includes some of the biggest names in consumer health, including organisations at the cutting edge of nutrition, travel health, vaccines and infant health. BCW Life will serve clients in the Life Style, Life Changing, Life Enhancing and Life Saving focus areas.

BCW Life is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team integrating the full range of BCW’s specialist capabilities including strategy, creative, digital and influencer and behavioural science.