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BCW is the Best Consulting Agency in the NordicsMarch 24, 2023

BCW has been named as the Best Consulting Agency of the Nordics winning The Agency of the Year – Nordics category in the 2023 EMEA SABRE Awards. BCW Nordics consists of Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian agencies operating under the BCW Group.

"We have done an incredible work last year. The co-operation between the Nordic agencies has intensified significantly and it now bears fruit. We are able to form teams across the country borders from which corporations operating outside of Finland have given us a lot of praise from. I want to thank each of our employees for the excellent work. I’m looking forward to seeing what possibilities we can offer our clients in the Nordics and elsewhere in Europe", says Antti Lehtinen, the CEO of Pohjoisranta BCW.

The winners of the 2023 EMEA SABRE Awards were announced in Frankfurt on Thursday the 23rd of March.

The jury described the BCW’s position as significant and growing in the Nordics. The BCW's clientele consists of multiple well-known and highly recognized brands and organizations operating in e.g. energy, consumer, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology and construction sectors. The Finnish agency got acknowledged especially for its renewal energy expertise.

"We have been able to bring the energy industry into the spotlight in different ways and make energy topics visible to citizens, policymakers and other stakeholders. The energy industry plays a crucial role for the national economy, security of supply, and the ordinary Finnish people", adds Riitta Laine, SVP and the principal consultant at Pohjoisranta BCW.

BCW is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic communications, public affairs, digital solutions, data and analytics and management trainings. BCW has a total of one hundred employees in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.